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About MPF

Over the years, the Michigan Parkinson Foundation has attempted to keep pace with the needs of people with Parkinson's, their families and health professionals. Through a strategic planning process, the following have been developed as guiding principles:

Our Mission:

To educate and provide direct patient support to people affected by Parkinson's disease and related movement disorders, their loved ones and care partners as well as the physicians and other allied health professionals who diagnose and treat those individuals with the disease. The Michigan Parkinson Foundation offers patient education programs for the newly diagnosed, sponsors more than 76 support groups throughout ALL OF MICHIGAN, provides financial assistance for Parkinson medications and respite care (both in-home and out-home facilities).

Our Vision:

MPF will be the premier education and support organization in Michigan for people with PD, their care partners, and the physicians and allied health professionals that diagnose and treat PD patients.

Every person with Parkinson's and related disorders
shall receive responsive compassionate quality care and support.

Our Goal:

No person with Parkinson's should be without responsive, quality care and support.

Guiding Principles:

  1. Achieve Mission and Vision while operating at breakeven or better
  2. Use internet to electronically share data & reach broader base of target audiences interactively
  3. Develop state wide relationships with physician and other health professionals to create network of support for support groups and individuals affected by Parkinson's.
  4. Maintain programs and published materials to be at the leading edge of evolving research for treatments, diagnostics, education and support for Parkinson's and related disorders
  5. Sustain recognized status as major state resource and provider of the most comprehensive information & services on behalf of people with PD, families and providers.
  6. Seek best balance between volunteers and hired staff to create cohesive team, ensure Mission/Vision/Values, and provide maximum funds flow to programs
  7. Maintain the highest level of ethics in all relationships
  8. Adopt a continuous improvement model. Develop cohesiveness to maintain a highly integrated team.


MPF programs are supported by your gifts and by grants from the following major program sponsor(s): Community Health Charities.

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