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Source Event: Attorneys Forum (08-Mar-04)
Category: Employment/Disability
Date Stamp: 08-Mar-04

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icon Legal and Financial Issues Faced by PD Patients


For discrimination under the Americans With Disabilities Act ((ADA), contact the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)
HQ; 1801 L ST, NW, Washington, DC 20507; Ph: 202.663.4900; URL:

Detroit: Patrick V McNamara Bldg, 477 Michigan, Rm 865, Detroit 48226, Ph: 313.226.4600;
800.669.4000; FAX: 313.226.4610; Hours: M - F, 8 - 4:30

For Disability Programs: Retirement, Survivors and Disability Insurance (RSDI); Supplemental
Security Income (SSI); Medicaid, contact the Social Security Administration (SSA);
Local office locations: Ph: 800.772.1213; Hours: M - F, 7-7; URL:


For Disability discrimination under the Michigan Persons with Disabilities Civil Rights Act, contact the Michigan Dept of Civil Rights (MDCR):
Detroit: Detroit Service Center, Cadillac Place, 3054 W grand blvd, Ste 3-600, Detroit, MI 48202;
Ph: 3113.456.3700; FAX: 313.456.3701; URL:

For Disability programs including State Disability assistance (SDA), contact the Family
Independence Agency (FIA); URL
Macomb Co: 19700 Hall Rd Suite A, Clinton twp, MI 48038; Ph: 586.412.6100
Oakland Co: 41000 Woodward Ave, Stoneridge East Suite 200, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304;
Wayne Co: 3040 W

Source: Carmine Perrotta (
Adams, Perrotta and Williams, PC
300 Maple Park Blvd suite 302
St Clair Shores, MI 48081
(586) 777-5400

The Messenger - Fall 2011 Issue.

Jeffrey Appel, an attorney, is a member of the Board of Directors of the Michigan Parkinson Foundation, specializing in disability benefits law. As a Board member, he has focused on helping individuals with Parkinsons obtain benefits such as Social Security Disability benefits. His goal has been to expedite the process to allow individuals to obtain benefits quickly and more efficiently.

With the assistance of the members of the Michigan Parkinson Foundation Professional Advisory Board, he has created two forms that allow an individual to collaborate with their treating physician in the application process, often avoiding the need for a formal hearing. These forms, designed to be filled out by the treating doctor, are designed to assist the physician in providing the necessary medical information to properly document disability. The Professional Advisory Board has reviewed and approved the use of these forms. They will be available for download at the MPF website ( and include a four page Medical Assessment Form, and a one page Medical Statement regarding the "Listing of Impairments for Parkinsons Disease." Any questions regarding the use of these forms can be directed to Jeffrey Appel's email at


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Social Security and SSI Disability

Source: J.B. Bieske
Business or Firm: J.B.Bieske and Associates
: Box 1007 Warren, MI 48090
: (586) 977-8100
: FAQs regarding SSI Disability Claims
: Text
: 08-Mar-04
Source Event
: Attorneys Forum (08-Mar-04)


A person with a physical for mental condition which prevents him/her from working on a full-time basis A person need not be physically confined to a bed or wheelchair to receive benefits.

A retired person on a pension from a Company, which has paid into a Social security program, may apply for Social Security Disability benefits.

A person receiving Workman's Compensation is eligible to apply.

A person receiving disability from a private insurance company is eligible to apply.


Go to any Social Security office or call (800) 772-1213 for request an information packet and to schedule an interview. Review the information packet and bring the requested information to the interview.

During the interview, your work and health history will be presented and reviewed. At he conclusion of the interview, if you choose to do so, a disability claim will be initiated on your behalf.

Over the next few months, the Social Security Administration will evaluate the information you provided, along with additional information solicited from your physicians, clinics and/or hospitals.

During that period, you and/or your physician(s) may be asked for additional information. You may also be required to undergo a physical exam by a Social Security Administration-certified physician.

A decision will be made, usually within 120 days, to approve or reject your claim. You will receive a written notice of the decision.


If your initial claim is rejected, you should contact an attorney to assist in fling an appeal. Usually this requires a submission of a legal brief and a judicial review.

It is possible to win a legal appeal on a disability claim many years after a person has stopped working. Disability benefits are received by persons who are also receiving:

  • A retirement pension
  • Worker's Compensation benefits
  • Disability benefits from a private insurance company


Most attorneys in this area are compensated with a portion of the past due (lump sum) benefits, which is not paid until the case is won (contingency).

Usually, attorney's fees are a percentage of the past due (lump sum) benefits, and only if the appeal is successful. Expenses are generally low in cases of this type. Confirm payment terms with the attorney in your initial discussion.