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Information & Referral

Neurologist and patient MPFMPF has a toll-free information service for those living in Michigan. It provides easy access for people to request information. Business hours are 8:30 am - 5:00 pm, Monday - Friday, but messages can be left on voice mail. Call (800) 852-9781. You may also contact us.

MPF provides a variety of services to people who call. Information packets and materials are available on many topics relating to Parkinson's disease and caregiving.


The Michigan Parkinson Foundation maintains a list of neurologists in Michigan who treat people with Parkinson’s disease and who are accepting new patients. For a referral, you can call the office at 800-852-9781. We will provide you with three names in your area.

Ideally, individuals with Parkinsons’s disease should consult a Movement Disorder Specialist, a neurologist who is trained specifically to treat movement disorders. Parkinson’s disease is a movement disorder – a neurological condition that affects movement. Movement disorder specialists must complete their residency training in neurology and then complete additional training (a fellowship) in movement disorders. These are the most qualified doctors to treat Parkinson’s disease because of their in-depth knowledge of the disease, its symptoms, medications and current research (including clinical trials).We realize there may not be a movement disorder specialist in your area. In this case you may still be able to receive good care by finding the right general neurologist or even gerontologist, internist or general practitioner - especially if they are willing to consult with a movement specialist as needed.

Here is a list of neurologists in Michigan who treat patients with Parkinson’s disease and all of them are either currently serving on the Michigan Parkinson Foundation’s Professional Advisory Board or have served in the recent past and are accepting new patients. Additionally these physicians have either completed a Movement Disorder Fellowship OR is neurologist that treats 100 or more patients with Parkinson’s each year. The list is divided by regions of the state: Southeast Michigan, Mid-Michigan, West Michigan, Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula. To view the Michigan Neurologist Referral List please click here → Neurology Referral List for MPF

Information Regarding Parkinson's Disease and Its Management

MPF staff, with the advice of the Professional Advisory Board, maintains literature, articles, bibliographies, video tapes and information on web sites relating to Parkinson's disease. Should you have any questions, please feel free and contact us. The majority of information is free of charge. There may be a fee for duplication and mailing costs for tapes and books.

If you would like the information by mail, please click here.