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Educational Programs for People with Parkinson's and their Families

2018 symposium on parkinson's disease presented on june 8th at the detroit marriott troy

SPEAKER PRESENTATIONS (select one workshop per session):

8:30am Session (A or B)

Workshop A: Overview of Parkinson's and Treatment Options (CME offered for Health Care Providers)

Workshop B: Dealing with Young Onset Parkinson's Disease (YOPD)

9:30am General Session (For all Audiences)

Non-Motor symptoms of Parkinson's (CME offered for Health Care Providers)

10:15am Session (A or B)

Workshop A: Managing Dyskinesia and Motor Fluctuations: When Is It Time to Think About DBS? (CME offered for Health Care Providers

Workshop B: Managing Medications

11:15am General Session (For all Audiences)

Exercise Prescription - Delaying Disease Progression in Parkinson's Disease (CME offered for Health Care Providers)

1:30pm Session (A, B, or C)

Workshop A: Care & Treatment of Late Stage Parkinson's Disease (CME offered for Health Care Providers)

Workshop B: Learn Techniques for Exercise In Your Home - For gait, balance, stamina, mobility (chair exercises, how to use weights & do cardio)

Workshop C: Driving and Parkinson's

2:30pm Session (A, B, or C)

Workshop A: Psychiatric Issues (CME offered for Health Care Providers)

Workshop B: Managing Activities of Daily Living

Workshop C: Legal Issues YOPD Could Face - Employer and Employee's Rights; Rights with Disability w Q&A

3:30pm Session (A or B)

Workshop A: The Role of Speech Therapy in Managing Communication Problems, Swallowing Issues, and Drooling (CME offered for Health Care Providers)

Workshop B: Duopa - A Treatment Option for Late Stage Parkinson's; When is it appropriate?


*Past event - 2017 Symposium on Parkinson’s disease presented on September 29th at the Van Andel Institute

Speaker Presentations:

pdf Updates in Research Patrick Brundin PhD MD Presentation (1.29 MB)

pdf The role of Therapy Exercise in Managing PD 2017 pptx (002) (1.04 MB)

pdf Mental Health Issues Coping with Anxiety Sleep Issues B Fisher PhD (2.07 MB)

pdf Managing Non Motor Symptoms of PD Christos Sidiropoulos MD (317 KB)

pdf Debunking PD Myths and the role of Exercise Eric Ahlskog MD PhD for web (3.49 MB)


Living with Parkinson's

This education series of six or seven weeks, geared to people living with Parkinson's disease (people with PD, family, friends) was originally created in 1981 by health professionals at Harper Hospital in Detroit. The course, conducted for 2 to 2-1/2 hours once a week, is designed to provide the latest information on what Parkinson's disease is, available treatment and therapies, and coping. One facilitator is available throughout the program and various health professionals provide presentations and discussions. These presenters include a neurologist, nurse, physical and occupational therapists, a speech and language pathologist, and a social worker and/or psychologist. Frequently, the program includes people successfully coping with PD.

*Date & More Info TBD


Orientation to Parkinson's

A 2-hour program designed for those people who are newly diagnosed and their family and friends, intended to orient them to what Parkinson's disease is and what resources there are for them.

*Date & More Info TBD


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