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Many contributors enable the Michigan Parkinson Foundation to create and provide programs and services needed by those affected by Parkinson's disease. On the following pages, we wish to acknowledge their generosity. As we are an independent non-profit charitable organization, funding is primarily from individuals, companies, grants and special events.

We are grateful for your thoughtfulness and commitment in donating to the Michigan Parkinson Foundation. Please click here for further information about ways to give.

Club 500

This Club was created for individuals pledging donations of $500 annually. The gift may be in a single payment or as quarterly payments throughout the year. These individuals are also listed under Patrons for Parkinson's.

Grants and Sponsorships

The Michigan Parkinson Foundation acknowledges contributions from individuals and organizations for specific events and programs.

Community Giving

Companies and groups organize special events to raise money for the Michigan Parkinson Foundation. Some do this on a regular basis, and others coordinate an occasion to honor a friend or a charity, involving friends, family, neighbors or colleagues, with the Michigan Parkinson Foundation benefiting.


Many people acknowledge the passing of friends and family members through contributions to the Michigan Parkinson Foundation in their memory. Donations have been made in memory of the individuals listed here.


Frequently, donations are given to honor a family member or a special event, in lieu of a gift. Donations have been made in honor of the individuals listed here.